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The Doctor
The Oncoming Storm
My Life As A Sock Puppet 
3rd-Jul-2009 03:21 pm


So, way, way back in April I became a sock puppet. As you'll probably guess if you go back and read my journal, I had been following askworld for a while, and created this identity ever more way back in March. I was waiting for the right moment to spring upon the other socks, partially because I was nervous (the Doctor isn't, strictly speaking, a Torchwood character, but he is one people would recognize, so I worried about pushing the boundaries too far and not screwing up the character completely) and partially because I knew that my intro was going to be time consuming. I think I decided on the day because I had no early classes, and sent out the email to Rhys the night before.

I still ended up being a bit late. It was so worth it, though.

I decided on the pre-Rose 9th Doctor for two reasons A) I didn't think I had it in me to explain where Rose was and why she wasn't with me and B) the 9th Doctor is my doctor. He's fantastic! Plus, we could have timey-wimey hi-jinks that way. The introduction post was... harrowing. I don't think anyone was quite sure how to play my appearance, since normally in Torchwood the Doctor is merely the elephant in the room, as opposed to a slightly depressed, angry and visible persona, who wanted his TARDIS back now, kthanxbai. Oh, and you couldn't talk to him abot pretty much anything that wasn't Classic Canon, or he'd flip out about spoilers. All things considered, he didn't really fit, since technically he didn't know anyone who was playing at the time.

But as the old saying goes, on the Internet no one can see you naked. If things didn't work out, I could go right back to being a civilian without too much trouble and very little wounded pride. Thankfully, though, the tactic of defeating aliens with keyfobs and dancing worked fairly well.

The original idea was to hang out in Cardiff, trying to rebuild the TARDIS and figure out why she was being so uncooperative. (The short answer is because it was funny.) There were a few things I wanted to get covered (figuring out that there was a Rift in Cardiff, the baby TARDIS on Jack's desk) but beyond that, it was more like "What strange thing can I do to myself and Torchwood today? How about an attack bidet?" It quickly became apparent that there wasn't much in the way of organization, which was fine by me. I love improv!

It wasn't long, though, before I felt the need to go out and roam the universe, because as we all know, the universe ends when the Doctor stops running. I wanted to kidnap someone, but I didn't know who until I ran into Andy. He was very good as the straight man, very down to Earth and logical and coming to all the logical conclusions that were wrong, and so there was a TARDIS gif.

Our early adventures were conducted via one-shot posts, sort of after the fact, but that didn't really give me much leeway to interact with Andy, and I began to post the first part of our adventures, and then make up the rest as we went along. I learned very quickly not to keep any sort of solid expectations, because no one was driving this crack van, and it was so much better that way.

That being said, we began to plan the de-anoning/endgame fairly early on. I was having Real Life Issues, and so thought I'd be dropping out much earlier than I ended up doing (that, and we ended up having the endgame much sooner than we thought we would). But by that point I knew that I'd become the oddball plot generator of the group, and I needed to go out with a bang.


And thus, the Master.

Now, I'm one of those people who, sadly, hasn't very much of a chance to watch Classic Who. Actually, Doctor Who has only been on my radar for roughly a year (I had TARDIS wiki open in another tab pretty much every other post.) So, I understand in theory why Classic Who fans found Simm!Master so unmasterly, but... I have a weakness for OTT villains who destroy the world to soundtracks. I LOVE him. He's crazy!

I began commenting upon my fellow sock's posts under the guise of [info]of_tarminster , who, apparently, everyone thought might be the Master, might just be a n00b. Originally, I had planned to write Doctor/Master fanfiction under that handel, if only to provok more shock when I revealed myself, but it never happened, as did much of the Master's scheming- most of those plans were crush somewhere between sockworld and RL. Since he was going to be around for a short time, we did do some planning for the LOLbattle. I do, however, take complete and utter credit for River Song. Until proven otherwise, my personal canon is that she's a fobwatched Master.


When it came to playing off the other socks, Ianto, and Martha were the easiest to banter with. Communicating with Andy was made more difficult by the fact that he and I are several time zones removed from one another, I loved having a hand in creating the backstory for QEII, T was amazingly professional when it came to being a TARDIS companion, I really enjoyed doing slapstick with Hart, Gwen and Rhys I didn't have as much contact with as I would have liked, and I never could get interacting with Jack right. The two of them have a complicated relationship at the best of times, and I didn't know how to parody it, other than ducking out on fixing his wrist strap for him.

When it came to the one-shot socks, I wish that Donna had hung around more, I would have loved to see more of Suzie, and I want to know who was Stephen Colbert, because right now I've deluded myself that he was played by "Stephen Colbert", and I know that if that were true we would have heard something by now. I never got to meet Myfanwy, which is a shame because I think I might be able to pronounce her name now.


When it comes to me, myself, I'm not going to put my RL internet name out there. I'm still writing other stuff in various fandoms under it, and since this will easily be the biggest thing I do in any fandom, I don't want this overshadowing anything- or inviting people to wank on it. But, this is the most fun I've ever had, and I am so friending all of you who have de-anoned.


3rd-Jul-2009 09:49 pm (UTC)
I've mentioned this, but I was surprised you were the Master too. Well done. I didn't guess at all! I thought at the end you'd regenerate into Ten! So the Master appearance and LOL-off was a great surprise.

You were really entertaining! I thought you and Jack were very funny together, actually. If I hadn't been Gwen already, I would have picked up Rose when you appeared. (I like all of the companions, but I wouldn't have been anywhere as good as the Martha or Donna players (too bad she wasn't in sooner... definitely cool.)

Myfanwy mostly made squawky sounds, but they were always WELL PLACED in the comments. :D

4th-Jul-2009 12:48 am (UTC)

I'm glad that someone was surprised. Or well, more accurately, that I managed to surprise a lot of people with that; it means that my snark wasn't as generic as I feared it was. I was EXTREMELY AWKWARD and unsure of how I should act with Jack, which is fortunate, because I'm pretty sure that's at least part of how the Doctor would feel in that situation. I'm glad it wasn't completely flat.
3rd-Jul-2009 10:35 pm (UTC)
I'm the slow one who didn't realise you were the Master AND the Doctor! Completely different writing styles. I loved how your Master was very Simm-y, sort of sneaky & crazy. I was dying during the LOL-OFFS. I told Sam how I pictured it as Ianto and the Master standing on the Plass with huge cardboard signs.

I'm actually glad you did Nine. Ten would be been cool too as he knows Jack and the crew, but Nine is more stand-offish and mysterious. Frankly he's my favourite of the two New Whos. I grew up watching DW and I'm not a big fan of the emo hottie Doctor that I think Tennant became. Still will miss him but prefer Nine.

I'd love to know about Colbert, Myfanwy, all the other socks that popped up from time to time too. But mysteries are delicious!

PS: I loved how you shut me down every time I tried to trick you into fixing my wriststrap.
4th-Jul-2009 01:02 am (UTC)
I wanted to go the unexpected route- I think that might have become my motto for this. I'm a Nine girl myself; I don't think I can fairly caricature Ten. Ever other comment would have him crying in the rain- the other half would have him bouncing on his heels. It weird, because I do like him, especially when he's bouncing, but I think that if I ended having to walk in his shoes for this long I'd end up hating him. I don't want to ruin his last few episodes, that's RTD's job.

For the record, I imagine that we were shoving the signs in each other's faces. LOOK AT THIS MACRO!
3rd-Jul-2009 11:33 pm (UTC)

I have to admit I almost brought the Doctor in myself because I didn't want anyone else "messing it up", but I decided that was arrogant and control-freaky. And I was worried when the Doctor did show up, because he is so hard to write, but oh you did a lovely job with him. I'm so glad you took him, and that you brought in pre-Rose Nine. That was a stroke of GENIUS.

I do wonder -- I figured the Doctor probably wouldn't spend the entire game in Cardiff, and I thought perhaps you were looking amongst the players for a Companion he could nick. I thought Ianto would make a brilliant Companion, and we did have a ton of fun with him helping repair the TARDIS, but in the end I'm glad it was Andy -- partly because of the fun subplot with Jack stealing Ianto's shoes and ties, partly because Andy and T made awesome Companions. Still, I have to ask, did you consider taking Ianto as a Companion?
4th-Jul-2009 01:30 am (UTC)
I kept going back and forth between thinking it was arrogant for me to pick the Doctor, and knowing that someone was going to do it anyway so it may as well be me, to being worried that I wouldn't be able to get it right... then I slapped myself a little and just started posting, thank God.

Ianto was actually my first choice of Companion for a while. But you had a lot of interactions that involved the day-to-day life at Torchwood (and physical contact), and since I knew I was going to be more or less kidnapping the person, I didn't feel comfortable changing the dynamic of the verse that much. (Besides, Jack had already started making passing mentions of marrying you, and I wanted to see that pan out or fail at panning spectacularly). I'd decided against taking any of the future formers along with me, so that tossed out Jack and Martha. I couldn't see Hart going along, and at the time, Gwen and I had had too little interaction for me the tempt her into the TARDIS. I thought about Rhys, because it would be unexpected, but then he disappeared to Japan, so... Andy. It makes it sound like he was a last resort, but it was actually more like "I love that, why didn't I think of that before?" And thus my impromptu trip to the Heddlu.

6th-Jul-2009 11:26 pm (UTC)
I don't think it was arrogant at all, I'm just really glad we got someone who really understands how Nine works :)

I did think perhaps Ianto would be it, which is why I had him expressing plenty of interest and playing up his ability to woo the TARDIS a bit. I think it worked out really well, though. I love Andy as companion :D
4th-Jul-2009 03:40 am (UTC)
Awww, naners, I'll miss you! Tru fax: my lj name was almost 9_Donna 'cause I think they would have been more perfect together than peanut butter and jelly. :D
4th-Jul-2009 05:00 am (UTC)
One of the bits I am most proud of contributing was taking care of the danger of accidental spoilage by promising a mindwipe at the end of the adventure. Have I ever properly thanked you for blowing up Jabba the Boss? LOL!

I have to say, for T that was the most FANTASTIC blind date she'd ever been on. And I swear, she wore white to the wedding. (Andy's mother probably forced the issue.)

I could never tell you didn't know the Doctor's history by heart. I go back to Pertwee, and while I missed a good bit of Davison (because when he took over I'd recently seen him in something else that I hated and I couldn't separate the two) I have managed to fill in enough of the gaps to know the history pretty well. And you totes fooled me.

And, like Jack (still calling you Jack, okay? Cuz it just FITS) I never saw you as both Doctor and Master. You managed to completely pull that one over on me. Bravo, dear Doctor, Bravo! (Yes, now my personal canon has River Song as the Master after defeat in an LOLoff against Ianto, and the TARDIS has an attack bidet. And a sad bedroom. I loved that idea... Oh, and Jack left his Snoopy towel on the TARDIS, too. After he stole it from Sarah Jane's old bedroom. All is now canon. In my mind....)
4th-Jul-2009 05:00 am (UTC)
Thanks for joining in, I thought pre-Rose 9 was a stroke of genius - cause, yeah, 10 is wonderful, but he's too caught up with the characters to interact with the ask!verse in a way that's actually funny as well :)

And the LOL-off! Wonderful work! ♥
4th-Jul-2009 06:37 am (UTC)
I think my favorite Doctor Moment, was when you found out the Tardis was Jack's babydaddy, and when "Need to be drunk. Need to be drunk NOW!". That was just hilarious. Then the manic drunken bouncing and singing! Oh just wonderful.

You were a awesome Doctor and Master. I had so much fun reading everything.
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